Friday, 31 March 2017

SL's 10th Anniversary Sci Fi Convention!

 I have been having a blast at the Sci Fi Convention, which is on until April 2nd.  It's one of the Relay For Life (RFL) sponsored events that run in Second Life to raise funds for cancer research. This year is its 10th Anniversary!

There's 6 sims with a lot of shops, booths, attractions and shows every day. The Milky Way Cabaret is my favourite (yes that's Godzilla below) and still has shows at:
Friday 31st @ 10pm 
Sat 1st @ 12pm and 7pm. 
Godzilla goes to town... well.. Tokyo
Relay For Life was started by the American Cancer Society in 1985, and Second Life has participated since 2005, and this years theme is Passport To Hope.

With donation kiosks and vendors all over the place, it's a great opportunity to donate and be part of something amazing.

Uniform: PaxWerx X-Gen Uniform - Female Red (in Ebb N Flow for $120L)

There are SO many role play opportunities. Solaris (above) is just one of them. Also the Solstice which has an actual mini mission. That's where I got my handy dandy medkit for free to assist an injured crewmember.

My TARDIS adventuring in Blaze Inferna

See the TARDIS above? I got the avi on MP for $50L (they have a starship 1701-A too) to run around with while looking for the Elemental Hunt clues and items. 

Find the wheel!

This is the board to keep a lookout for. Click the wheel for a hint, then find the wheel in the booth. I've got some great free items including:

- rank pips
- a human sized paper aeroplane
- a Babylon 5 security uniform
- planet lollipops
- animations
- the trippiest surfboard in the 'Verse
- a networked Replicator 

That's just a few, they have dozens of stores participating across most of the sims. 
There's also a free floating Klingon Dk'tagh to find!

So don't miss out!

So links to the Elemental Sims:
Forty Two (Life) (main Sci-Fi Con landing point)
Akasharon (Equilibrium) 
Blaze Inferna (Fire)
Ebb n Flow (Water)
Halcyon (Earth)
Zephyrus (Air)

Outfit: PaxWerx X-Gen Uniform - Female Red 
Hair: Truth - Xia
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: WoW Skins - Melissa Tan
Lipstick: N.B. Red Candy Line Lipstick ($1L)

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