Thursday, 9 February 2017

Love Stinks N Stuff - Feb 2017

So I went for a look at the 'Stuff event, which incorporates Womenstuff, Menstuff & Homestuff into one themed event.

This months theme is Love Stinks! So there's a mish mash of lovey dovey Valentines items mixed with a predominance of Anti Valentine's. 

I went for a squiz and found some freebies I thought I would share, so welcome to your first Lapiz' Squishies! Where I squish as much as I can into one photo xD

  1. Weekend Salvage - free Wall Decor
  2. HH - Snapback trucker hat with resize HUD (the $1L is returned)
  3. .:Love Lei:. - Amanda Pink Minidress (Maitreya/Slink/eBody/Fitmesh sizes)
  4. Robbie Roos Whatchamagoos - Tear in My Heart Bracelet
  5. [Drac] - Blue & Gold Peep Toe Slink Heels

The other 3 freebies were from:

  • Emberotics - ladies cowl top & pants
  • CDC - male and female poses
  • Eryderwear - free gift board for men

So go have a look at the freebies and other items. Beware that there ARE a couple that LOOK like free gifts, but are priced! I got caught by the $9L one :( 

Happy Valentines/Eat-Chocolate Day!


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